The Borrowers (1997 film)

The Borrowers is a 1997 BritishAmerican liveaction fantasy comedy film based on the childrens novel of the same name by author Mary Norton. In 1998 it was nominated for the title of Best British Film in the British Academy of Film and Television Arts BAFTA awards, but lost to Gary Oldmans Nil by Mouth. The film also picked up another two nominations and one win in awards. Some of the films scenes were shot on location in the village of Theale, near Reading, Berkshire, where all of the buildings and shops in the High Street were painted dark green.

Arrietty is fedup of being shut indoors and decides to explore but is trapped by Pete, who is actually astonished to discover the Borrowers. Pete also explains to Arrietty that the house is being demolished due to the absence of Mrs. Allabasters will, meaning that both families will have to move. After Arrietty explains the situation to her family, Pod reluctantly agrees to have the family move to the new house, despite being somewhat upset that Arrietty has defied so much about the way of the Borrowers. Pete returns Pods gadget. Unfortunately, during the journey, Arrietty and Peagreen fall out of the moving truck and make their way back to the old house, where they find the new house on a map.However, Potter turns up and finds the will hidden in a safe inside the wall. It turns out that Mrs. Allabaster had stated that she did not trust banks and preferred to keep the will in the house, something Potter deliberately kept from his clients. But as he tries to burn it, Arrietty and Peagreen recover the will, determined to save the house for both the Lenders and the Clocks. Upon seeing the Clocks underground home, Potter calls the local exterminator Jeff Mark Williams, but all he does is hammers holes in the wall and burn Potters face with foam. Potter blames Jeff when he gets electrocuted by the broken light. The kids manage to escape. Pod and his wife Homily discover that their children are missing when they get back to the old house but find the map and decide to go back to the new house. ........

Source: Wikipedia