The Brave One (2007 film)

The Brave One is a 2007 American psychological thriller film directed by Neil Jordan, produced by Joel Silver, and starring Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard. It is about Erica Bain Foster, a female New York radio host and her boyfriend, who are severely beaten by thugs, leading to the boyfriends death. Terrified for her safety, Bain buys a pistol. Armed with the gun, she undergoes a personality transformation and becomes a vigilante, shooting a number of criminals. Detective Sean Mercer Howard investigates the vigilante shootings, which lead him closer and closer to Bain. It was released in the United States on September 14, 2007. The film earned Foster a Golden Globe nomination for leading actress in a drama. The film, which garnered mixed reviews, had a global box office total of 69.7 M against a 70 M budget.

When she stops at a convenience store, a man comes in screaming at the female cashier for not allowing him to see his kids, and shoots her. The killer then hears Ericas cell phone ringer, whilst attempting to clear out the till, and stalks her in the aisles. Just as the killer is about to find her, Erica is overcome with fear and shoots through the aisles and kills him. On another night, two street thugs harass and threaten passengers in a subway car. The passengers all leave at the next stop except Erica. When the thugs, amazed that she wasnt threatened enough to leave, take it as a challenge and threaten her with a knife, Erica shoots them both dead. Another night, she attempts to save a prostitute by threatening the brutal pimp with her pistol. When he attempts to run them down with his car in retaliation, she shoots him in the head, but not before he runs over the prostitute. The prostitute is injured, but lives, and is taken to the hospital. All the while, Erica attempts to track down the thugs who killed David.She strikes up a friendship with Detective Sean Mercer Terrence Howard who is investigating the vigilante crimes and who is initially unaware of her role in the deaths. Erica, in trying to find out if the detective is close to solving her case as well as the vigilante killings, pretends to want to interview Mercer. During the interview the detective asks her how she pulled it back together after her tragedy. She replies that she didnt, she had to become a different person to the one she was before. They talk several times after. Ericas boss gets her to take calls on her radio show to solicit the publics opinion on the vigilante killings. The various responses almost get her to confess to the killings, but once at the police station shes unable to bring herself to do so. Mercer tells Erica about a criminal he has been pursuing for a long time who has allegedly committed several murders, but Mercer is unable to bring him to justice. ........

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