The Day the Earth Stopped

The Day the Earth Stopped is a 2008 American directtoDVD science fiction film produced by independent studio The Asylum, directed by and starring C. Thomas Howell. Its title and premise are similar to those of the 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still of which The Day the Earth Stopped is a mockbuster but the films plot also incorporates elements from other sciencefiction films involving aliens, such as Independence Day and Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. The film is Howells second Asylum film in which he was attached as director, the first being War of the WorldsThe Next Wave.

The film centers on Josh Myron C. Thomas Howell as six hundred and sixty six gigantic interplanetary robots land on Earth.As the robots are landing, two humanoids arrive, one male and one female Sinead McCafferty. Both are eventually captured by the military who tries to communicate with them. Eventually, the female starts talking to Myron and reveals that she can read his mind along with others. Myron is told that the entire human race is a threat to the rest of the galaxy and unless she is shown the value of humanity by sunset, the planet will be destroyed. ........

Source: Wikipedia