The Desert Within

The Desert Within Spanish Desierto Adentro is a 2008 Spanish language religion themed drama film, written and directed by Uruguayanborn Mexican filmmaker Rodrigo Pl. The film was inspired by the diaries of the Christian existentialist philosopher Sren Kierkegaard. It won seven awards at the 2008 Guadalajara International Film Festival. The film incorporates animation and art as bookends to each series of events in the film.

The film is set against the backdrop of Mexicos Cristero War, which took place between 1926 and 1929, when the Mexican government banned Catholicism and persecuted its followers. Clergy are separated from their congregations and worship is forbidden.Elias, the central character of the film, follows his wifes wishes by seeking out a priest to perform the last rites on their unborn son, whom she fears will die due to a fall she sustained. Upon finding one, he manages to persuade the priest to return with him to the village to perform the last rites, despite putting the safety of the community at risk. The Federales follow the pair and kill every man, woman and child in the village. Eliass family are able to escape, although his wife dies while giving birth to their son. ........

Source: Wikipedia