The FP

The FP is a 2011 American comedy film written and directed by Brandon and Jason Trost. The film focuses on two gangsthe 248 and the 245that are fighting for control of Frazier Park The FP. The gangs settle their disputes by playing BeatBeat Revelation, a video game similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Gang member JTRO Jason Trost undergoes training to defeat L Dubba E Lee Valmassy, the leader of a rival gang. The film also features Caitlyn Folley, Art Hsu, Nick Principe, Dov Tiefenbach, and James DeBello.

In a dystopian future, rival gangs the 245 and the 248 a fight for control of Frazier Park the FP by challenging each other in BeatBeat Revelation, a dancefight video game. L Dubba E, the leader of the 245 gang, battles and defeats BTRO, the leader of the 248 gang. BTRO dies as a result. His younger brother JTRO is traumatized and leaves the FP.One year later, BTROs best friend KCDC finds JTRO working as a lumberjack. KCDC convinces JTRO that the FP needs him because L Dubba E has taken control of the local alcohol industry and is refusing to sell alcoholic drinks to everyone. The lack of alcohol has led to an increase in methamphetamine addicts, a decrease in homeless people and, consequently, ducks. Reluctantly, JTRO returns with KCDC he meets BLT and reunites with Stacy, an old friend. JTRO and Stacy are interrupted by L Dubba Enow Stacys boyfriendwho is picking her up to go to a party. JTRO goes to the same party and Stacy drunkenly flirts with him. L Dubba E taunts JTRO then hits him with a baseball bat, rendering him unconscious. JTRO dreams that BTRO tells him to fight back, pushing him to challenge L Dubba E. L Dubba E declines, saying that JTRO lacks sufficient street cred. L Dubba E demands that JTRO defeat Triple Decka 1K before he will accept JTROs challenge. ........

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