The Hairy Bird

The Hairy Bird, more commonly known under the titles Strike in Canada and All I Wanna Do in the United States, is a 1998 comedy film written and directed by Sarah Kernochan. It stars Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffman, Monica Keena, Heather Matarazzo and Rachael Leigh Cook in an ensemble cast as students of the fictional Miss Godards Preparatory School for Girls, and Lynn Redgrave as the schools headmistress. The film takes place in 1963 and focuses on several students plotting and sabotage of a proposed merger for the school to go coed.

The film takes place at an elite New England boarding school in 1963 before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Odette Odie Sinclair Hoffmann is forcibly transferred by her parents to Miss Godards Preparatory School for Girls after her parents find out that she has planned to have sex with her boyfriend, Dennis Matthew Lawrence. Upon arrival to the school, which is run by the headstrong headmistress Miss McVane Redgrave, Odette is introduced to her roommates, the intelligent and charismatic Verena von Stefan Dunst and the promiscuous Tinka Parker Keena. Verena and Tinka are the schools primary troublemakers both mock an uptight hall monitor named Abigail Abby Sawyer Cook, who has a penchant for tattletaling, and Verena regularly buys cigarettes from a lunch cook and is constantly late for classes.After a brief hazing period, Odie is welcomed into the D.A.R. Daughters of the American Ravioli, a club of several girls at the school who have greater aspirations than those of their peers the members congregate in the schools attic, where they have access to canned ravioli stored above the cafeteria. The club is led by Verena, and consists of several other girls, including Theresa Tweety Goldberg Matarazzo, a bulimic who selfinduces vomiting by drinking ipecac syrup and plans to be a child psychologist and Maureen Momo Haines Merritt Wever, a wellspoken science nerd and aspiring biologist. Verena has plans to start a fashion magazine like Vogue, while Tinka plans to be an actressfolk singerslut. Odette declares her interest in politics, but pines to finish what she started with Dennis and lose her virginity. ........

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