The Hills Have Eyes (1977 film)

The Hills Have Eyes is a 1977 American exploitationhorror film written, directed, and edited by Wes Craven and starring Susan Lanier, Michael Berryman and Dee Wallace. It is about a suburban family on a road trip that is targeted by a family of savages after being stranded in the Nevada desert. The film was released in cinemas onJuly 1977 and has since become a cult classic. It was followed by The Hills Have Eyes Part II.

The Carter family is traveling on vacation, towing a travel trailer from Ohio to Los Angeles parents Bob Russ Grieve and Ethel Virginia Vincent are driving, accompanied by their teenage children Bobby Robert Houston Brenda Susan Lanier, eldest daughter Lynne Dee Wallace, Lynnes husband Doug Martin Speer, their baby daughter Katie, and their dogs, Beauty and Beast. They stop at Freds Oasis for fuel, and Fred urges them to stay on the main road as they leave. Freds truck suddenly explodes, preventing him from leaving. Ignoring Freds warning, the Carters skid off a desert road and crash. Bob walks back to Freds Oasis to get help. The dogs become very panicky and start barking at the hills. Beauty runs off into the hills, where she is attacked by someone. Bobby chases after her, and finds her mutilated body. Frightened, he runs and falls, knocking himself unconscious.As night falls, Bob reaches the gas station, where he finds Fred trying to hang himself. Fred tells him his sons family of deranged cannibals live in the hills through which the Carters are traveling. They are commanded by Papa Jupiter James Whitworth, who killed his mother, Freds wife, during childbirth. As a child, he killed the livestock on his fathers farm and later murdered his sister. Fred attacked his son with a tire iron and left him in the hills to die. However, Jupiter survived, and had children with a depraved, alcoholic prostitute known as Mama Cordy Clark. Together, they had three sons, Mars Lance Gordon, Pluto, Michael Berryman and Mercury Arthur King, and an abused daughter, Ruby. They survive by stealing from and cannibalizing travelers. Papa Jupiter suddenly arrives and takes Bob prisoner, after killing Fred with a tire iron. ........

Source: Wikipedia