The Legend of 1900

The Legend of 1900 Italian La leggenda del pianista sulloceano , The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean is a 1998 Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and starring Tim Roth, Pruitt Taylor Vince and Mlanie Thierry. It was Tornatores first Englishlanguage film. The film is inspired by Novecento, a monologue by Alessandro Baricco. The film was nominated for a variety of awards worldwide, winning several for its soundtrack.

1900 was found abandoned on the four stacker oceanliner SS Virginian, a baby in a box, and likely the son of poor immigrants from steerage. Danny, a coalman from the boiler room, is determined to raise the boy as his own. He names the boy Danny Boodman T. D. Lemon 1900 a combination of his own name, an advertisement found on the box and the year he was born and hides him from the ships officers. Sadly, a few years later, Danny is killed in a workplace accident, and 1900 is forced to survive aboard the Virginian as an orphan. For many years, he travels back and forth across the Atlantic, keeping a low profile.The boy shows a particular gift for music and eventually grows up and joins the ships orchestra. He befriends Max in 1927, but never leaves the vessel. Apparently, the outside world is too big for his imagination at this point. But he stays current with outside musical trends as passengers explain to him a new music trend or style, and he immediately picks it up and starts playing it for them. ........

Source: Wikipedia