The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers is a 2004 BritishAmerican film about the life of English comedy actor Peter Sellers, based on Roger Lewiss book of the same name. It was directed by Stephen Hopkins and starred Geoffrey Rush as Sellers, Miriam Margolyes as his mother Peg Sellers, Emily Watson as his first wife Anne Howe, Charlize Theron as his second wife Britt Ekland, John Lithgow as Blake Edwards, Stephen Fry as Maurice Woodruff and Stanley Tucci as Stanley Kubrick.

The film makes clear that much of his success and identity were dependent initially on his domineering and doting mother. Eventually this success, first in radio and eventually in film, led to his succumbing to destructive mood swings and insecurity, and contributed to the deterioration of his marriages. Discovering his gift for comedy, his ego began to undermine his personal relationships with friends and coworkers. His personality became more turbulent. His own personality often merged with that of his film characters, and his selflearned skill as a method actor was used to mask his real self.The role of Sellers was acted by Geoffrey Rush, who approached the role with the enthusiasm of a hungry child in a candy store, notes a reviewer. Rush impersonates most of the important characters that Sellers played in his film career. Director Blake Edwards is played by John Lithgow, and the film exposes some of the behindthescenes personality conflicts between Sellers and Edwards, which contributed to their unhappy and tumultuous working relationship, despite the success of their films. In the interview for the film, included on the DVD, Edwards credited Rush with portraying Sellers characters with uncanny similarity to the real Peter Sellers, and claimed, in 2004, that it was the best acting hed ever seen Rush perform. ........

Source: Wikipedia