The Lost World (1998 film)

The Lost World is a 1998 film, loosely based on the book of the same name by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Challenger returns to London, and organizes a lecture to try to convince some people to finance an expedition to prove that dinosaurs still exist despite scientific belief to the contrary. During the lecture, Challenger is derided and humiliated, not only from the students but also from his colleagues Leo Summerlee Michael Sinelnikoff and Lord Thomas James Bradford. However, Lord Thomas ultimately grants permission for the expedition, on the condition that Summerlee accompany Challenger to act as a critical eye. Subsequently, a spectator at the lecture, Oscar Perreault Jacques Lessard, proposes to pay the expeditions expenses to Mongolia, on the condition that the scientists capture a living dinosaur and to exhibit it to the public wherever he wishes and that his associate John Roxton David Nerman goes along to represent his interests. Challenger unwillingly accepts the proposal. After concluding the lecture, Challenger bumps into the young journalist Arthur Malone, who he suggests joins the expedition as a documentor. After granting permission to Malone, Challenger is confronted by the same woman who had interrupted his lecture earlier who reveals herself to be none other than the late Dr. Whites daughter, Amanda, who also insists on joining the team in order to represent her fathers interests.In the following days, the team heads to Mongolia, stopping on the journey to pick up their guides, including the young siblings Myar and Djena as the journey goes on, Djena becomes very attached to Malone and strong connection is built between the two. Their transportation suffers a breakdown and the team is forced to continue the trip on foot. One of the guides is killed by what is presumably a prehistoric insect, however, despite misgivings on the part of the guides, the team continues on after conducting a funeral, according to the local rites. ........

Source: Wikipedia