The Marc Pease Experience

The Marc Pease Experience is a 2009 comedy film directed by Todd Louiso and written by Louiso and Jacob Koskoff. Shot primarily in and around Wilmington and New Hanover County, North Carolina in early 2007, the film is centered on Marc Pease, a man living in the past, when he was the star of his high schools musicals. The film stars Jason Schwartzman as Pease, Ben Stiller as Peases former mentor, and Anna Kendrick as his love interest.

While tidying Megs bedroom, Marc finds a tape labelled Meg singing, but discovers after he listens to it that she is singing with Gribble, and at the end of the song, their noises suggest that they are having sex. Meg, meanwhile, begins to doubt Gribbles sincerity when he tells her what a terrific singer she is when she realizes that she is always in the chorus. Questioning whether she even enjoys singing, she decides to quit. Marc drives to a performance with Meridian 8, where the only way he can keep the group from splitting up is to lie that Gribble has given them the chance to record in a studio. After insisting that he should sing his Tin Mans song, he starts crying on stage, and is later forced to admit that Gribble has not yet responded to his request to produce the demo. That night, the opening night of The Wiz, Marc is working as a chauffeur for a high school prom couple. After dropping them off and cutting off his frequently ridiculed ponytail, he arrives at the show in the interval. He unsuccessfully tries to discuss Meridian 8s demo with Gribble, who brushes him off, then learns from another bandmate that they are losing another member.After hearing the Tin Mans song from outside the auditorium, Marc goes inside and drags Gribble out into an empty classroom. Marc confronts him about his empty promises for Meridianto record in a studio. Gribble tells Marc that he is still living as if he were in high school, and an angered Marc threatens to play Megs tape to the school principal and expose Gribbles affair with a student. As they fight, Marc accuses Gribble of denying Meg a main role as a means of revenge on him, and destroys the tape for Megs sake. He then goes backstage and breaks up with Meg because she is too young for him. Seeing that the actor of the Wiz has injured himself, Marc takes his cape, runs onto the stage and sings the Wizs song. Meg runs away but decides that she loves singing and returns to the stage. Marcs performance is met with che

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