The Mirror Never Lies

The Mirror Never Lies also known by the Indonesian name Laut Bercermin, meaning The Ocean Reflects is a 2011 Indonesian film directed by Kamila Andini and coproduced by Andinis father, Garin Nugroho, and former Miss Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata. Starring Gita Novalista, Atiqah Hasiholan, and Reza Rahadian, it follows a young Bajau girl named Pakis who has lost her father at sea and uses mirrors to unsuccessfully search for him. It has several interpretations, including as a comingofage story and as an environmentalist piece.

Pakis Gita Novalista is a young girl from a fishing community of the Bajau people in Wakatobi, Sulawesi, part of the Coral Triangle. She lives with her mother, Tayung Atiqah Hasiholan. As Pakis father has been lost at sea, Tayung works hard to support her daughter. Pakis, however, is determined to search for her father, a quest which brings the two into conflict. Pakis regularly visits a local shaman, who conducts a ritual allowing Pakis to search for her father in a mirrors surface. The ritual never shows Pakis his location but she remains determined to keep trying. Meanwhile, Tudo Reza Rahadian has broken up with his fiance. Struggling to cope with the loss, he takes a new job in Wakatobi studying dolphins. There he becomes involved with the Bajau community, staying at Tayungs home. Eventually Pakis is able to realise that her father is dead and continues with her life.The film was directed by Kamila Andini, who also wrote the script and, in collaboration with Dirmawan Hatta, the screenplay. For her feature film debut, Andini chose to write about the sea a topic which had long interested her and on which she had previously recorded documentaries. She had also had a longheld interest in environmental issues. It was produced by former Miss Indonesia, Nadine Chandrawinata, together with Andinis father, the director Garin Nugroho. Andini has stated that she only consulted with her father and that he was not directly involved in the production, while Chandrawinata described herself as assistant producer, with Nugroho in charge. Artistic direction was handled by Timothy D Setyanto, with costumes by Retno Ratih Damayanti and makeup by Erwin Wijaya. Cinematography was completed by Ipung Rachmat Syaiful. Editing was handled by Wawan I Wibowo, while Thoersi Argeswara provided music and Khikmawan Santosa provided sound effects. ........

Source: Wikipedia