The Missing Corpse

The Missing Corpse is a 1945 American film directed by Albert Herman.

To avoid further complications, Henry takes a long vacation, following the suggestion of his chaffeur. While Henry is away, without his family, Slippery Joe murders publisher Andy and hides the body in the trunk of Henrys parked car. Slippery Joe also breaks into Andys safe, trying to get back a written confession of a previous murder, but finds out the document must have been hidden on the Publishers body. Henry has brought his car on the vacation, and finds Andys dead body in the teunk when he arrives at his hunting lodge. Panicking, he decides to dump the body to not be accused of murder, but his chauffeur sees the body before he has a chance to realize his plan. The chauffeur, eager to protect his employer, remove the body from the trunk and hides it inside the lodge.Visitors come and go at the lodge during the vacation, and the body is moved and hidden several times by the two men to avoid discovery. Soon enough Slippery Joe too comes looking for the body to retrieve the document. When Henrys family one day discovers that he has left on vacation, they also come up to the lodge to visit. After them come additional relatives, and even a news reporter from The Daily Argus, trying to get another scandalous story to publish in the paper. ........

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