The Missing Gun

The Missing Gun Chinese pinyin Xn Qing is a 2002 Chinese black comedy film directed by Lu Chuan and starring Jiang Wen, Ning Jing and Wu Yujuan. A directorial debut of Lu, the film premiered during the 9th Beijing College Student Film Festival onApril 2002. A pioneer digital screening was subsequently held in Shanghai onApril, making The Missing Gun the first film screened in China with digital cinema technology. The film was officially released onMay in Beijing.

War veteran turned smalltown policeman Ma Shan played by Jiang Wen wakes up after a drunken night at his sisters wedding banquet to find his issued gun missing. After making sure his wife Han Xiaoyun Wu Yujuan and thirdgrader son have not taken it, Ma embarks on a search around the town. He questions his sister and brotherinlaw, as well as two excomrades in an attempt to connect the dots. He finds out that he was sent home the previous night in a car by Zhou Xiaogang Shi Liang. Ma knocks on Zhous door but is greeted by Li Xiaomeng Ning Jing, Mas former lover who married and moved to Guangzhou, but has since returned. Li claims that Zhou is not home. Ma leaves but manages to run into Zhou a moment later. After searching Zhous car, he ascertains that Zhou has not taken his gun either.Ma is left with no choice but to report the missing gun to his superiors. He is stripped of his uniform but is allowed to continue the search on his own. During his search, Ma comes across a thief who has snatched a womans handbag and gives chase. The desperate thief, seeing no escape, pulls out a gun. Mistaking the gun for his own, Ma refuses to back down. The thief fires, only to reveal that the gun he holds is a fake. ........

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