The Missing Link (film)

The Missing Link French Le Chanon manquant is a 1980 FrenchBelgian animated film written and directed by Picha. Though it was not as successful as Pichas previous film, it was entered into the 1980 Cannes Film Festival.

Years later, while trying to feed O, Igua comes across a stranded egg. Before O can try to eat it, the egg hatches and inside it is a baby pterodactyl named Croak. Croak and O become friends as well, but Igua becomes jealous and doesnt want O to see Croak again. As O grows up into an adult, he meets up with Croak again, who tries to help O become smarter. Their first lesson is how to fly. As O tries to fly, Igua steps in and takes O away. The next day, O looks in a pool of water and sees his reflection and discovers that hes a man, not a brontosaurus. He decides to leave Igua and search for his own kind. As O sets out into the jungle, he runs into several creatures that he mistakes for men, including a wild boar and a giant worm. At nightfall, O becomes lost in the jungle and has an encounter with a menagerie of unusual creatures that nearly kill him. However, he soon finds Croak and the two fly away together. While flying, Croak accidentally crashes into a dimorphodon and drops O, thus separating the two.Elsewhere, Igua tries to get together with his own kind. He finds a group of brontosauruses at a nearby lake, but they reject him due to Igua smelling too much like man. Igua is crushed and decides to find O. As O begins to search for man, he comes across a group of workaholic creatures named NoLobes. They let him stay, but O causes chaos, which results in O discovering the wheel. After O destroys the NoLobess crops with the wheel, he is kicked out and the quest for man continues. While exploring, O is caught by a feline creature with a long tail, which she uses to seduce her victims before eating them. O decides to name her Noman. Noman uses her tail to seduce O, then drags him off to her own kind. Before the felines eat him, they are distracted by a newborn baby. O and Noman, who has a change of heart, run off together, with the others quickly behind them. O and Noman give them the slip, then they both have sex. While the two sleep, they are interrupted by a sta

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