The Missing Lynx

The Missing Lynx Spanish El Lince Perdido is a 2008 SpanishBritish computeranimated adventure family action comedy film produced by Spanish studios Kandor Graphics and YaYa Films and producer Antonio Banderas. The film is directed by Raul Garcia and Manuel Sicilia, and written by them and Jose E. Machuca. It is presented by Banderas himself. With the film released in Spain on December 25, 2008 in Spanish, it is released in the United States on March 9, 2012 in English. The film is about a bunch of animals from Doana National Park in Spain, trying to save other animals kidnapped by the bad guys. All of the movie takes place in the natural parks of Andalusia. The film was developed using IBMs servers. The Missing Lynx received mixed reviews from internet audience polls and it earned 1,445,936 on a 6,500,000 budget. The Missing Lynx was released on DVD in October 15, 2009 by Aurum Productions.

In the dead of night, the shelter is infiltrated by mercenaries led by Newmann, the selftitled greatest hunter in the world, hired by an eccentric millionaire, No Noah in the English version, who has created a sort of Noahs Ark for threatened species. Due to the antics of two bumbling mercenaries, Flix is able to escape from his cage and free his friends from the transport trucks, with the exception of Lincesa being hit with a sedative dart by Newmann. With some encouragement, Astart is able to fly back to the shelter and set off the alarm, alerting the humans to their disappearance. Flix and his friends set out to find the kidnapped animals and stop Nos plans, later accompanied by their mole friend Rupert, who escaped from the ship. They enlist a pack of wolves to help them evade Newmann and the pursuing mercenaries, however, the wolves are caught along with a few other animals, and Flix starts to believe that its his bad luck to blame for them being followed. They meet Diogenes, a vulture with a mission to clean the environment, who supplies the group with materials to build a makeshift transport to outrun the mercenaries. However, Flix abandons the group to protect them from his bad luck.On Nos ship, Lincesa discovers that No has the ability to speak with animals. He tells her that he was once locked up in an insane asylum for claiming to talk with animals, but after being released, he used his communication skills to amass a large fortune e.g., horses at the racetrack, moles finding oil pockets underground, fish guiding him to sunken treasure. His plan to collect endangered animals and bring them to an island refuge is his way of thanking them by saving them from extinction. Whats the point in being free if youre not alive?, he tells Lincesa. However, she turns his words on him saying, Whats the point in being alive if youre not free? After hearing this and being reminded of how terrible it was for him to be locked up, No becomes disillusioned with his plan. ..

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