The Odd Couple II

The Odd Couple II is the 1998 sequel to 1968s The Odd Couple. Written by Neil Simon who also produced, the film reunites Jack Lemmon as Felix Ungar and Walter Matthau as Oscar Madison. The film was the actors last together. It is also significant among sequels for having one of the longest gaps between the release of the original and a sequel in which all leads return.

It has beenyears since Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar have seen one another. Oscar is still hosting a regular poker game and is still an untidy slob, now living in Sarasota, Florida, but still a sportswriter. One day, he is called by his son Brucey with an invitation to California for his wedding the following Sunday. A second shock for Oscarthe woman his son is marrying is Felixs daughter, Hannah.On the flight from New York to Los Angeles, it becomes clear that Felix hasnt changed his wayshe is still a fussy, allergysuffering neat freak nuisance. Oscar and Felix are reunited at the airport and very happy to be together again afteryears of separationat least for a couple minutes. They intend to share a rental car to San Malina for the wedding. But the trip begins with Oscar forgetting Felixs suitcase at the Budget car rental, including wedding gifts and wardrobe inside. Oscar also loses the directions to San Malina when his cigar ash burns them. ........

Source: Wikipedia