The Raid: Redemption

The Raid Redemption Indonesian Serbuan Maut , meaning The Deadly Raid also known as just The Raid is a 2011 Indonesian martial arts action film written and directed by Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans and starring Iko Uwais.

Indonesian special tactics officer Rama prays, practices silat and bids goodbye to his wife, who is pregnant with his child. Rama joins a 20man elite police squad, including Officer Bowo, Sergeant Jaka, and Lieutenant Wahyu, for a raid on an apartment block in Jakartas slums. The team intends to capture crime lord Tama Riyadi, who, along with his two lieutenants Andi and Mad Dog, owns the block and lets criminals around the city rent rooms under his protection. Arriving undetected, the team sweeps the first floors and subdues various criminal tenants they also temporarily detain an innocent, lawabiding tenant delivering medicine to his sick wife in apt 726. Continuing undetected to the sixth floor, the team is spotted by a young lookout, who passes on the message to another adolescent lookout, before he is shot and killed by Wahyu but the latter youth raises the alarm.Tama calls down reinforcements. They snipe the two police officers patrolling the outside and shoot up the two waiting in the SWAT van, then ambush those on the first five floors, killing and maiming a majority of them. Cutting the lights, Tama announces over the PA system that the police are trapped on the sixthfloor stairwell, and he will grant free permanent residence to those who kill the intruders. In the darkness, the team is soon ambushed by shooters from above and behind, killing of a great number of them. Jaka learns from Wahyu that the mission is not officially sanctioned by the police command nobody knows their location, and no backup or reinforcements will arrive. ........

Source: Wikipedia