The Road (2011 film)

The Road stylized as The oad is a 2011 Filipino psychological horror film directed by Yam Laranas, and starring Carmina Villaroel, Marvin Agustin, Rhian Ramos, Barbie Forteza and TJ Trinidad.

Luis TJ Trinidad is a successful policeman who has been recently awarded for his skill in investigations, despite his track record of being reckless and failing to follow protocol. After his award ceremony, the chief of police is approached by a woman asking for new information about her daughters who went missing twelve years ago. Luis asks for the names of her daughters so he can try to find them, and the woman tells him that their names are Joy and Lara Luna. Asking his partner to retrieve the missing persons file, Luis sets out for his investigation, despite his colleague Gregs advice that he shouldnt give the woman false hope.Ella Barbie Forteza sneaks out at night with her cousin Janine Lexi Fernandez and Janines boyfriend Brian Derrick Monasterio, taking her mothers car so that they can find somewhere for Brian to teach Janine how to drive for her drivers test. On the highway they spot a patrol car, which causes them to panic as they dont have drivers licenses. Brian tries to make a Uturn, but accidentally drives into a fence blocking a dirt road. While checking for damage to the car, Brian notices a gate and drives into the isolated road beyond, thinking it the perfect spot for them to learn to drive. Eventually the three notice a red car which passes them repeatedly, although they never pass it themselves, and that the car doesnt seem to have a driver. Panicking, Brian tries to get them off the road but discover that they are stuck in an endless loop, passing by the same tree again and again. Finally, the car stalls, and Brian and Janine get out of the car while Ella stays inside. Janine tries to convince Brian to go back for her cousin, but Brian refuses to do so, and instead promises Janine that they will come back for her with help. As the two walk through the woods, they spot a crashed red car. Meanwhile, finally panicking, Ella leaves the car and manages to catch up with the two. Ella manages to call her father and beg for help, but the red car sudden

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