The Rookie (1990 film)

The Rookie is a 1990 buddy cop film directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Howard G. Kazanjian, Steven Siebert and David Valdes. It was written from a screenplay conceived by Boaz Yakin and Scott Spiegel. The film stars Charlie Sheen, Clint Eastwood, Raul Julia, Sonia Braga, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Tom Skerritt. Eastwood plays a veteran police officer teamed up with a younger detective played by Sheen the rookie of the title, whose intent is to take down a German crime lord in downtown Los Angeles following months of investigation into an exotic car theft ring.

LAPD Detective Sgt. Nick Pulovski and his partner, Powell, are assigned to the case of taking down the criminal empire of a German felon, Strom, who engages in grand theft auto and chop shop operations. During an encounter with Strom and his men, who are loading a semitrailer truck with stolen cars, Powell is murdered. Nick, despite efforts to catch the criminals on the highway, ends up losing them.Consequently, Nick is removed from the case by his superior, Lt. Raymond Garcia, and given a new partner, David Ackerman, a young officer recently promoted to rookie Detective, who has continual nightmares and is plagued by guilt over his brothers death as a child, believing it was his fault. Against regulations, Nick and David start investigating the Strom case. Nick tracks down a man working for Strom, Morales, whom he forces to cooperate in return for immunity. Under Nicks instructions, Morales manages to plant a twoway radio inside Stroms house without getting caught, but is still murdered later on by Stroms companion, Liesl. Feeling pressured by the authorities, Strom deduces that there is a connection between Morales and another one of his operatives, Little Felix, who has also been secretly working as an informant for Nick regarding the disclosure of his illegal activities at his wrecking yards. ........

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