The Thaw (film)

The Thaw is a 2009 science fiction horrorthriller film directed by Mark A. Lewis starring Val Kilmer, Martha MacIsaac, and Aaron Ashmore.

They transport the polar bear to their research station. David calls his daughter Evelyn Martha MacIsaac and pleads with her to visit the research station. Their relationship has been strained since the recent death of her mother. Meanwhile, a group of students, Ling Steph Song, Federico Kyle Schmid and Atom Aaron Ashmore, are selected to join Davids research team Evelyn decides to come.Days later, Davids research team begins feeling the effects of a strange illness, and David tells helicopter pilot Bart not to bring his daughter Evelyn to the station. However, Evelyn insists, Bart ignores Davids orders, and brings her to the station along with the students. In the meantime, Jane shoots and apparently kills David and another researcher. The students discover the body of the polar bear, and Bart is bitten by a bug while touching it. ........

Source: Wikipedia