The Traveler (2010 film)

The Traveler is a 2010 horror film directed by Michael Oblowitz, written by Joseph C. Muscat, and starring Val Kilmer and Dylan Neal. Kilmer plays a stranger who walks into a small towns police station, confesses to murder, and is interrogated by detective Alexander Black Neal.

The stranger refuses to reveal his name, preferring to be known as Mr. Nobody. After the stranger provokes them, the officers are about to assault him as detective Alexander Black walks in. The stranger states that he will confess to six murders, and when he describes each murder, the officers graphically die in the same way he explains though the stranger himself remains incarcerated. While the officers panic, the stranger notices a dedication text on detective Blacks goldenmetal pen and remarks upon it, drawing the suspicion of Detective Black, who received the pen from his murdered daughter, Mary Black.The officers think that the stranger could be a suspect whom they arrested a year ago when they were investigating the disappearance of Mary Black. Unable to prove his guilt, they tortured and beat him to get a confession, though he continually maintained his innocence. However, they realize that the victim of their violence should still be in a coma that resulted from their brutal torture, stationed at a medical facility. The officers telephone the facility and discover that the victim had died earlier that evening, at the same time as the stranger entered the police station, which proves that the stranger is not who they thought he is. ........

Source: Wikipedia