The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy

The Warlord Battle for the Galaxy also known as The Osiris Chronicles is a science fiction film which aired on January 27, 1998 on television. The film is written by screenwriter Caleb Carr, who wrote the novel The Alienist, and directed by Joe Dante. It was intended to be the pilot for a series called The Osiris Chronicles that never materialized. Similar concepts would later be used in Andromedacitation needed .

The movie opens in the living room of a very luxurious house. A man named Heenoc Xian John PyperFerguson, is reading his book when his concentration suddenly drifts away and he reminisces about his life in chronological order, from being a pilot during his Academy years, to a freedom fighter, and to eventually, a warlord. He recalls the latter with irony as he narrates the tale of those particular events of his life. It begins on the planet Caliban 5, ruled by none other than Warlord Heenoc Xian. A young man named Justin Thorpe John Corbett, a petty thief who carves out a living for himself by trading items he obtained through stealing and salvaging, comes home one night to his battered, rundown house as he is greeted by his kid sister, Nova J. Madison Wright, a precocious preteen. Their parents are revealed to be dead, and they are all that remains of their family. Their lives have a routine and their evenings usually end with Nova teaching Thorpe to read a chapter of a book each night. The two siblings have learnt to make the most of the situation and are content. However, one day, Thorpe returns from his morning routine and discovers that Nova has disappeared. Knowing his sister would never run away from home, Thorpe comes to the conclusion that she had been kidnapped, but does not know who the kidnapper is and why she was taken.Frantic and desperate, Thorpe turns to Warlord Xian for help. Despite his ominous title, Xian is not entirely a warmonger, considering his heroic past he listens to his people and is sympathetic towards them, and has provided a reasonable amount of order and security in a chaotic world, despite the fact that some of the people under his rule have expressed a degree of ungratefulness and resentment towards him. He listens to Thorpes grievance, and while he feels for him, he cannot help him because he does not have enough possessions to trade for Xians services. With that, Thorpe leaves in anger but is suddenly met by Novas best friend Mag

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