The Wheeler Dealers

The Wheeler Dealers released as Separate Beds in the UK is a 1963 romantic comedy film starring James Garner and Lee Remick and featuring Chill Wills and Jim Backus. The movie was written by George Goodman and Ira Wallach, based on Goodmans novel, and directed by Arthur Hiller.

Molly meets Henry Tyroon James Garner, an aggressive wheeler dealer who dresses, talks, and acts like a stereotypical Texas millionaire. Hes more interested in her than in Universal Widgets, but decides to help in order to get closer to her. As they spend time together, Molly watches Henry make complicated business deals, often in partnership with his Texan cronies, Jay Ray Chill Wills, Ray Jay Phil Harris, and J.R. Charles Watts. One such deal is a venture into dealing modern art, with the aid of Stanislas Louis Nye, a cynical avantgarde painter.Molly and Henry have trouble figuring out Universal Widgets reason for existence its only factory burned down around the time of the Civil War, it manufactures nothing, and provides no service. Widgets apparently had something to do with horsedrawn carriages. Its just a corporation on paper... whose sole asset is a huge block of shares in ATampT, bought long, long ago when it was ridiculously cheap. Now it pays hefty regular dividends to its complacent shareholders. ........

Source: Wikipedia