This Divided State

This Divided State is a documentary by firsttime filmmaker Steven Greenstreet that details the conflict that erupted at Utah Valley State College, now called Utah Valley University, when controversial figure Michael Moore was scheduled to come speak on campus shortly before the 2004 presidential election.

Attempting to offset the controversy, UVSC invited conservative commentator Sean Hannity, scheduling his appearance a few days prior to Moores visit. Hannity waived his normal 100,000 speakers fee, but still demanded that UVSC cover his travel costs, which totaled 49,850, a figure which generally surprised UVSC officials when they received the bill. Also featured in the film is prominent voice of the opposition, Kay Anderson, a local real estate mogul who offered UVSC 25,000 to cancel Moores appearance, and, when that failed, tried to sue the school for misuse of funds.Steven Greenstreet embarked on the concept along with his friends, Bryan Young and Elias and Michelle Pate, describing the ensuing commotion as a huge crush of political debate and an overwhelming sense of activity and electricity. ........

Source: Wikipedia