Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon

Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon is a 2008 Hong Kong action war drama film loosely based on parts of the Chinese classical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. It was directed by Daniel Lee with a reported budget of US25 million. It is a joint production between the Peoples Republic of China Mainland China and Hong Kong and South Korea.

Zhao Zilong begins his career by enlisting in Liu Beis army. He befriends a fellow soldier, Luo Pingan, who is also from his hometown in Changshan. Not long later, Zhao participates in a battle against Liu Beis rival Cao Cao. He follows Zhuge Liangs plan and launches a sneak attack on the enemy camp at night, achieving his first victory. Liu Bei is overwhelmed by Cao Cao and is forced to retreat to Phoenix Heights but is separated from his family during the chaos. Luo is ordered to find and bring Lius family back safely but fails. Zhang Fei is angered and thrusts his spear towards Luo, but Zhao blocks the attack and engages Zhang and Guan Yu in a fight. Zhao remains undefeated after dueling for several rounds and Liu Bei is impressed by his skill. Zhao offers to retrieve Lius family, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei cover him while he breaks through enemy lines to begin the search.Zhao rescues Liu Beis infant son and holds off dozens of enemy soldiers alone despite being surrounded on all sides. He fights his way out and charges towards Cao Cao, who is observing the battle nearby. Cao is shocked and loses his sword to Zhao, but the latter spares his life and leaps to safety on a cliff. Cao Caos granddaughter Cao Ying witnesses the attack. Zhao later returns to Changshan as a hero and falls in love with a girl putting on a shadow puppet show dedicated to him. ........

Source: Wikipedia