Tidal Wave (film)

Tidal Wave Hangul RRHaeundae is a 2009 South Korean film. Billed as South Koreas first disaster film, Haeundae is directed by Yoon Jekyoon and stars Sol Kyunggu, Ha Jiwon, Park Joonghoon and Uhm Junghwa.

Dongchoon, another Haeundae local and also a neighbor of Mansik, teams up with Mansiks son and gets involved with some illegal activity to earn money, but the two end up getting caught by the police. Afterwards, Dongchoons mother, concerned about her unemployed son, decides to prepare him for a job interview, but Dongchoon refuses. As time passes, Mansik finally plans to propose to Yeonhee on a night with fireworks.Geologist Kim Hwi somehow runs into his divorced wife, Yoojin, who is preparing for an expo in Busan. Although Yoojin has a daughter and also a new boyfriend, they decide not to tell their daughter that he Hwi is her real father, afraid that the child would be greatly shocked. ........

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