Transformers (film series)

Transformers, now known as Transformers Cinematic Universe is a series of American science fiction action film series and based on the toys created by Hasbro and Tomy. The first four films were directed by Michael Bay, and the fifth is scheduled for a 2017 release with Bay directing it.

Transformers is the first film in the series. Sam Witwicky Shia LaBeouf discovers that his new car, with which he intended to impress Mikaela Banes Megan Fox, is actually Bumblebee Mark Ryan, an alien robot from the planet known as Cybertron. After being attacked by Barricade Jess Harnell, Bumblebee called four Autobots to help, including Optimus Prime Peter Cullen, their leader, Ironhide Jess Harnell, Ratchet Robert Foxworth, and Jazz Darius McCrary, that after the destruction of their planet Cybertron, its lifesource, a legendary cube, called the AllSpark, crashlanded on Earth, several million years ago. However, the Decepticons and their evil leader Megatron Hugo Weaving plan to use the power of the AllSpark to transform human technology into a new army of Decepticons, and take over the universe. In an agreement, the Autobots decide to destroy the AllSpark, in order to save Earth and Humanity. After Sam finds the glasses, Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee are captured by Sectorand taken to the Hoover Dam. There, they found the cube, which can transform everything and a frozen Megatron, while Frenzy Reno Wilson found it too, calls the Decepticons to mobilize and unfreeze Megatron. After the Autobots possess the cube, a battle takes place in Mission City between the Autobots and Decepticons, where Frenzy, Jazz, Bonecrusher Jim Wood, Brawl, and Blackout lose their lives, as Optimus battles Megatron. After wounding Megatron, Sam kills Megatron by releasing the AllSparks power into his chest, at the cost of the AllSpark itself. Knowing that with the destruction of its lifesource Cybertron can no longer be brought back, the Autobots accept Earth as their new home, and Sam and Mikaela begin a relationship. In a midcredits scene, Starscream Charlie Adler is seen fleeing into space, suggesting the battle is not over. The film was released on July 3, 2007Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is the second film in the series, set two years after the events in Transformers. The no

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