Transylmania is a 2009 horrorfarce sequel to the 2006 comedy National Lampoons Dorm Daze 2, the film is directed by the brothers David and Scott Hillenbrand and written by Patrick Casey and Worm Miller. The film received very poor reception from critics and performed horribly at the box office, making it one of the biggest flops of 2009.

In the present, American college students are convinced by their friend Rusty who bears an uncanny resembelence to Radu to spend a semester in Romania at Razvan University, which was formerly Radus castle his true reason is to meet his computer girlfriend Draguta. At the university, they meet the diminutive dean Floca and Teodora Van Sloan, combat and selfdefense teacher, and vampire hunter trying to prevent Radu from obtaining the music box. Radu returns to the castle that night. and begins collecting blood as part of ceremony to revive Stephenia. Unfortunately, a truly dumb blond now owns the music box and accidentally lets her blood fall on the gem inside it this causes Stephenia to possess her body, and remain in control so long as the music box is open. Rusty learns Draguta is the deans daughter, and is a hunchback he is forced to be in a relationship with Draguta by Floca after finding her previous boyfriend locked in a torture room for simply standing her up. The rest of the kids discover Floca kidnapped girls from the university for experiments to remove their heads for a body swap, to give Draguta a normal body. They take the stillliving head of their friend just as Floca returns with a decapitated Draguta, for swapping their bodies.At the same time, Teodora has mistaken Rusty for Radu, due to the costume he chose for a vampirethemed party that he missed due to accidentally being given drugs that made him wozzy. Rusty is accidentally taken by Radus minions to enact the ritual to revive Stephenia however, as this would require ripping out the heart of her host, Rusty is forced to shut the music box and listen to his friends idiotic ramblings of how she thinks aliens are controlling her. Assaulted by her boyfriend, Rusty gives up on trying to help as his friends are too stupid to listen. Rusty spots Radu, and pretends to be a reflection through a frame used for pictures Teodora ends up finding the wrong one, but is forced to eliminate Radus minions. ........

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