Trapped in the Closet: The Next Installment

Trapped in the Closet Chapters 2333 is the third installment of the Trapped in the Closet series by RampB artist, R. Kelly. This installment first aired on November 23, 2012. In a recent interview, Kelly stated the new installment would featurenew chapters when it premiered, along with another 30, which will be filmed in January 2013.needs update When this saga premiered, it featured the return of several cast members, including main character Sylvester who is played by R. Kelly.

This chapter starts off with Sylvester and Gwendolyn watching TV and getting a mysterious phone call. Then it goes over to Kathy and Rufus, who decided to go shopping downtown. Kathys phone rings and she exclaims its those people again. Rufus told her to hang up. Bridgette, Twan and most of the rest of the cast also get a mysterious phone call, proffering money in exchange for an unknown service.The chapter starts off with Twan winning a bet during a sports game at the local barber shop. Meanwhile, outside, Pimp Lucius is yelling at his prostitutes over a lack of money thats been coming in. He then states if he doesnt get his money soon hell start hitting the girls, and it is revealed that he is responsible for Tinas nervous twitch. Sylvester and Twan come outside where after a comical encounter with Lucius, they attempt to walk away ending the chapter. ........

Source: Wikipedia