Unnale Unnale

Unnale Unnale Tamil , English Because of You is a 2007 Tamil musical romance film. It was later dubbed into the Telugu language as Neevalle Neevalle. Directed and cowritten by Jeeva and produced by Oscar Ravichandran its stars Vinay Rai, Sadha and Tanisha Mukherjee in lead roles. With Srinath, Raju Sundaram and Sathish Krishnan in supporting role and has Lekha Washington, Aravind Akash, Uma Padmanabhan, Vasundhara Kashyap in cameo roles. Raju Sundaram also worked as a Choreographer in the film.

The film opens with two people a man Aravind Akash and a woman interviewing civilians thoughts on love and the opposite sex. After a mixture of answers, they cease their questions and the credits roll. The credits end as a boy, after being rejected by his girlfriend, commits suicide by jumping onto a passing car. Karthik Vinay Rai walks off disturbed to his girlfriend Jhansis Sadha office. There, he is criticized by her for his antics with other women and his lack of passion for their love. She walks off, ending their relationship.Karthik is then shown as a civil engineer in Chennai, still playful and funloving. Accepting a request from his manager to go on a six months business trip to Melbourne, he bids farewell to his friends Raju Sundaram and Sathish Krishnan. On the plane, he encounters a playful, flirtatious girl, Deepika Tanisha Mukherjee, whom he sits next to during the flight. After spending hours together, they become good friends and exchange details. However, by coincidence, Deepika is travelling to Melbourne to work in the same company as Jhansi, who is settled there. Together they seem to conveniently bump into Karthik at every corner, prompting an unwelcome reunion for Jhansi and Karthik. ........

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