Uthama Puthiran (1958 film)

Uthama Puthiran English Virtuous Son is a 1958 Indian Tamil historical fiction film directed by Tatineni Prakash Rao. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan, Padmini and M. N. Nambiar in the lead roles, while K. A. Thangavelu, Ragini and P. Kannamba play supporting roles. It is the first film to feature Sivaji Ganesan in two distinct roles. The film was released onFebruary 1958, and ran for over 100 days in theatres. The film was also released in Telugu as Veera Prathap and in Hindi as Sitamgar.

In the kingdom of Malarpuri, the queen P. Kannamba delivers a male child. Her brother Naganathan M. N. Nambiar replaces it with a dead child with help from a maidservant, and informs king Varaguna Pandiyan Sadasiva Rao that the newborn is dead. To Naganathans surprise, the queen gives birth to another boy soon after delivering the first. Minister Gunaseelar arrives by then and the king is informed of the birth of two children, one dead and one alive. Everyone is happy that at least one is alive. Naganathan decides to kill the first infant and hands it over to his servant Somappa Stunt Somu. However, Somappa and his wife raise the prince in a forest.The crown prince is Vikraman and his identical twin in the forest is Parthiban both played by Sivaji Ganesan. On his deathbed, the king M. K. Radha appoints Naganathan as the guardian of crown prince Vikraman, and gives the order that Naganathan would be solely responsible for Vikramans safety. To achieve his objective of ruling the country, Naganathan brings up Vikraman with all vices and does not allow him to bond with his mother. On the other hand, Parthiban grows up to become a valiant warrior under the guidance of Somappa and fights for the public. ........

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