Uttama Villain

Uttama Villain English The PureHearted Villain is a 2015 Indian Tamil comedydrama film directed by Ramesh Aravind and written by Kamal Haasan. The film was presented by N. Lingusamy in association with Kamal Haasan and produced by S. Chandrahasan for Raaj Kamal Films International and N. Subash Chandrabose for Thirrupathi Brothers. It features an ensemble cast that includes Kamal Hassan, K. Viswanath, K. Balachander, Jayaram, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar, Nassar, Parvathy and Urvashi. Ghibran composed the soundtrack and score.

Manoranjan Kamal Haasan is a leading film star who is immensely popular among his fans however, he is beset with several personal problems. He is an alcoholic and his teenage son Manohar Ashwin despises him.years back, he had been forced to marry Varalakshmi Urvashi, the daughter of noted film director Poornachandra Rao K. Viswanath, despite being in a relationship with a woman named Yamini. He has a daughter Manonmani Parvathy who was born out of wedlock to Yamini and was raised by Yaminis husband Jacob Zachariah Jayaram after Yaminis death. She also despises Manoranjan. He has been diagnosed with advanced stage brain cancer and has only a few more months to live, which is unknown to anyone including his own family. He is treated by his family doctor Dr. Arpana Andrea Jeremiah, with whom he has an extramarital affair.One day, Manoranjan decides to withdraw from a film produced by Poornachandra Rao and instead act in a film produced by himself and directed by Margadarsi K. Balachander, who was his mentor with whom he had fallen out when he married Varalakshmi and started acting in films directed and produced by Poornachandra Rao, who is a sworn enemy of Margadarsi. Despite their personal differences, Manoranjan wants Margadarsi to be the director of his last film before he dies. Margadarsi initially refuses to direct Manoranjan, but when he hears from Arpana about Manoranjans terminal illness, he becomes moved and accepts to direct Manoranjan. When Poornachandra Rao and Varalakshmi find out about Manoranjans plan, they get enraged and leave his house along with Manohar. Undaunted, Manoranjan goes ahead with his film. ........

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