Varalaru English History of GodFather is a 2006 Indian Tamil actiondrama thriller film written and directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film stars Asin as female lead and Ajith Kumar in a triple role as a father and his two sons, while Kanika, Ramesh Khanna, Suman Shetty, Sujatha and M. S. Baskar play other supporting roles. The films soundtrack and score were composed by A. R. Rahman. The film remade in Kannada as Godfather. And even in Tamil was same title prior to release but entertainment tax exemption changes led to the film being renamed. The film released onOctober 2006 after long delays and became a major blockbuster at the box office while Ajiths work in the film was critically acclaimed.

Vishnu and his friends are wooed by Divya and the other girls. They are led to separate rooms where the girls inject a serum that makes them itch all over. They leave, screaming and scratching. Vishnu tells Divya to leave her profession and offers to save her honour by marrying her in the village temple the next day. Divya doesnt come, but Vishnu and his friends happen to see her leaving on a bus bearing the name of the girls college, revealing that they have been duped. But, Divya got guilt ridden when he watches him carrying thali and really got ready to marry her. Depressed and felt cheated, Vishnu returns home, Shivshankar discovers that his son has fallen in love. With his influence, Vishnu and Divya get engaged. Everything goes well until one night, Vishnu goes to Divyas house in a drunken state. Her family prevent him from talking to her. This eventually leads to a fight. Vishnu then goes to Divyas cousins house to meet Divya and apologise for his behaviour. but suddenly attempts to rape Divyas cousin which Divya got horrified when noticing. Then on the same day at night, Vishnu tries to kill Shivashankar, but is luckily stopped by Ko Thandam Pandu, Sivashankars P.A., who got stabbed by Vishnu. Disappointed with Vishnus behaviour, Shivashankar sends Vishnu to a psychiatrist .Here enters Jeeva Ajith Kumars third role, Vishnus twin. Assuming Vishnus identity, he had taken money from the bank, got drunk and went to Divyas place and attempted to rape Divyas cousin. Jeeva hates Shivashankar for abandoning him and his mentallychallenged mother Kanika. Later, Divya manages to sneak into Vishnus room in the hospital and believes his explanation that he is innocent. She leaves and shortly afterwards, Jeeva appears, smuggles and dumps Vishnu out of the hospital, takes over his identity and goes to kill Shivashankar. The father notices that its not his son and gets out of his wheelchair to defend himself much to Jeevas suprise. Vishnu arrives at the scene, surprised th

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