Veetla Visheshanga

Veetla Visheshanga Tamil is a 1994 Tamil film written and directed by K. Bhagyaraj.

She starts to live with Anand as his wife which troubles him a lot as he knows that she is not his wife. She also showers affection on the child and gets attached to it. But she comes to know at a situation that whatever is told to her is not true and she is neither married to Anand nor a mother of a child. Anand tells her to leave the house but she says she cannot leave him or his child and wants to be with them forever. Anand is convinced by everybody and finally agrees to marry her. But Asha has an unknown fear that something might stop their marriage. On the day of marriage Asha sees someone as groom which confuses everyone. The groom sings a song which reminds Ashas memory. She is actually not Asha but Anita and her lover is the groom named Ajay. When both were about to marry they were stopped by some goons because of which Anita fell from the mountain but survived with injuries. Anand who found the truth brought Ajay to unite them. Anand insists Anita to marry Ajay as both of them are lovers to which Anita unwillingly accepts. But while Ajay tries to tie the Mangal Sutra, Anita stops him and she goes to Anand saying that he may not need her but she needs him and the child. Ajay finds that motherly affection has won his love and leaves Anita to Anand. Both Anand and Anita finally marry.

Source: Wikipedia