Venkatadri Express (film)

Venkatadri Express is a 2013 Telugu comedy film starring Sundeep Kishan and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. The films Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction were handled by Merlapaka Gandhi and Sheik Dawood G while Gemini Kiran produced this film on Anandi Art Creations Banner. Ramana Gogula provided the Music while Chota K. Naidu and Gautham Raju handled the Cinematography and Editing Departments Respectively. Apart from this, veteran actor Allari Naresh provided the voice over for this film. The film received Positive reviews from critics and good collection at the box office. The film was also Sundeep Kishans biggest Hit and Break as a Commercial Hero with Routine Love Story next to it. The film was remade in Kannada as Thirupathi Express with Sumanth Shailendra and also being remade in Tamil with Aadhi.

Meanwhile a passenger Dasthagiri Sapthagiri asks Sundeep to take care of his bag till he gets into the train after buying a water bottle and Sundeep accepts it. They both save each others Mobile numbers so that Sundeep can give a missed call to Dasthagiri if the train leaves the station and due to that, Dasthagiri would board the train. However a tiffin vendor and a customer quarrel. Sundeep in order to avoid committing the 100th mistake keeps quiet. The story shifts to next day morning around 930 in the Morning at Tirupathi Railway Station. Ram Murthy and his entire family travel in two cars which are led by two baaraat bands. Ram Murthy, Seetha, Kasthuri and her younger son travel in one car and Sundeep, Brahmaji, Anand, Anands son Nikhil and their servant travel in another car. Sundeeps shirt has Blood stains and when Anand, Brahmaji ask the reasons for the stains, Sundeep narrates the story which happened in the past 12hours. To compromise and stop a quarrel, Sundeep gets down from the train and starts speaking with the aggrieved persons. Prarthana misguides the customer that Sundeep is a Robber and goes along with the customer to complain on Sundeep. Meanwhile Sundeep is thanked by the tiffin vendor. But to Sundeeps misfortune, Venkatadri Express leaves the platform. So with the help of the tiffin vendors friend and goods transporter Audi short for Anand D Thagubothu Ramesh, Sundeep goes to Shadnagar. While Sundeep reaches Shadnagar, Audi goes to the nearby Bar and quarrels with the local police calling their brandy as cheap liquor. Sundeep saves Audi in time only to realize that the vehicles keys are in the Bar. Yet again Audi insults the police. In the meanwhile time Sundeep is informed by Dasthagiri that Train left Shadnagar and is heading towards Jadcherla.Sundeep and Audi unknowingly get into a car and drive away to Kurnool in order to catch the train. However once again to Sundeeps misfortune, They robbed the Polices vehicle and the police are following

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